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editor’s noteIT’S AN EXCITING time at CIO. This month we are looking at some very innovative bur- geoning businesses: including Vianet, an internetand communications company that is taking on the “big guys” for service provision in Ontario’s furthest communities. Someone needs to do it - Vianet is setting the bar for exceptional service. We also present an in-depth look Discount Car & Truck Rental, Canada’s only Canadian-owned rental company - they celebrate 35 years. And if you didn’t read it right away, make a note of our cover interview with Bombardier - it really takes this issue to the next level. The Bombardier exclu- sive begins our ongoing focus at manufacturing in Canada. Next month you’ll read about three excit- ing Canadian manufacturers that have thus far been flying under the radar.Send us your commentary, articles for con- sideration and ideas to sara.kopamees@industry- In the meantime, we’ll be prepping for our next issue!Until next month,Editor in ChiefSara Kopamees

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