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editor’s noteWe have been pounding the pavement the last few months looking for great Canadian busi- ness stories, and I can tell you from my experience writing about Canada’s business community: there is no better place to  nd innovation than in small and medium sized businesses. These companies have to stay on their toes and be creative, stay nimble, and constantly think outside-the-box in or- der to be competitive. And Canadians are great at creative problem solving!This month we have a couple of great exam- ples of innovation in business, like with 1-800-GOT- JUNK that has evolved into much more than just a waste removal company, or BOS Innovations, a company that is making strides with technology. We spoke with New Brunswick Premier Brian Gal- lant for our cover story who echoes our sentiments about the importance of innovation in small and medium-sized businesses - check out his awesome interview.As always, we welcome your feedback and will consider contributions: email me at sara.kopa- Kopamees

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