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tures. Several years, and a significant
amount of further education later, Cos-
metic Transformations was born and
so were Gutsche’s many innovations
that have revolutionized the industry.
Gutsche is regarded as a global
leader in the field, largely due to the
dispersant for tattoo pigments that
she helped co-develop and her cor-
responding Titian Wash tattooing
technique. The dilutant enables the
formation of glazes and the technique
enables the technician to layer the glaz-
es in the dermal layer of the skin. The
resulting effects allow light to refract
and reflect through the separated out
particles simulating the translucency
of skin in the way that the Renaissance
artist Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) was able
to achieve luminous skin tones on can-
To understand this
revolutionary approach it is
important to note that tra-
ditional tattoo inks and per-
manent makeup pigments
are very opaque, resulting
in bold effects that can look
harsh and unnatural in the skin. Guts-
che’s innovations yield more subtle
and naturalistic results that can cam-
ouflage burns, erase scars, recreate are-
olas for cancer survivors, and enhance
features like eyebrows and lips more
naturally than conventional permanent
This breakthrough in tattooing
technology allows the company to do
exactly what their byline states: Trans-
form Appearances and Change Lives.
Cosmetic Transformations has
drawn clientele from all over the
world, restoring the features and con-
fidence of burn survivors from Aus-
tralia; subtly enhancing the features of
A-List celebrities; and restoring dam-
aged features of war veterans recover-
ing from facial injuries incurred during
combat. Her services also benefit can-
cer and stroke survivors whose fea-
tures she can simulate and enhance.
Gutsche says that operating in
Peterborough has been ideal for the
business, because of the generous and
supportive community spirit. “Being
in Peterborough is important for our
business. Many of our clients come
from other countries and it’s
nice for them to be able to
come to a place like Peter-
borough for several weeks
where we can arrange for
them to experience the
rugged outdoors and the