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About Canadian IndustryC A N A D I A N I N D U S T R Y O N L I N E (CIO) is Canada’s leading dig-ital business magazine, committed to connecting Canadians whoare the best and brightest in their  elds. The magazine showcases the innovative business practices, histories, and strategies that make up one of the world’s strongest economies. Focused on growth and excellence in Canada, the editorial mandate of CIO is to provide insight into the most pressing business issues. The CIO team garners insight from ex- perts in every sector—from healthcare to manufacturing, supply chain management to professional services. Each issue is distributed Canada- wide to over 80,000 businesses in every major industry, and the digital Canadian Industry Online network sees many more access CIO’s ever- expanding content.CIO PartnersWe build with passion.Walters Group o ers end-to-end solutions on complex steelwork projects across North America.We recognize that the projects we contribute to are more than just projects. They change landscapes. They support key industries. They inspire people.Walters Group is proud to have been a part of bringing the vision and structural innovation to the award-winning and LEED certi ed Brook eld Properties Bay Adelaide Centre in

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