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editor’s noteChange: it's inevitable, and it can be tough. In the world of real estate, change is con- stant, and even the strongest companies in Can- ada have to adapt to survive.Take Brook eld Asset Management (BAM) for instance - while the company itself is incred- ibly diverse, it is known a staple asset for any in- vestor keen on real estate (both globally and in Canada). CIO will be looking at various facets of BAM over the next 18 months, and this month we start with BGIS. The company is about to celebrate 25 years in business and our interview with Gord Hicks, CEO, will give some clarity on how BGIS has remained head and shoulders above the rest.We have some other big real estate fea- tures on the horizon - so stay tuned! And as al- ways, send your feedback to sara.kopamees@ Kopamees Editor in Chief

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