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INDUSTRY FEATURESCANADIAN INDUSTRYTABLE OF CONTENTSONLINEABORIGINAL BUSINESS: Westbank First Nation GLOBAL46 56 66WHY PREMIER?ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION LOW COSTUNLIMITED TRAINING ZERO RISKNO SERVER REQUIRED WORKS ON MAC & PC MICROSOFT CLOUDR E N E WA B L E SWORLD HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY: Cognibox CONTRIBUTION: Modern Slaverypowered byBrookield Multiplex is powered by Jonas Premier,a Canadian based company voted by Gartner as the #1 all in one construction cloud software solution in 2017. From the ield, using any device, project managers use Premier to track committed costs, change orders, approvals and schedule of values and more. With built-in project KPIs and business intelligence, PM’s can track real-time information to forecast accurately and identify anyrisk on their jobs.Premier is focused on partnering with forward thinking, progressive companies who believe in our vision of advancing the construction software industry using technology and software.WATCH THE VIDEO:ONLINETRY.JONASCONSTRUCTION.COM/POWER

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