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editor’s notePOLITICALLY, WE ARE in very uncertain times in North America. We cannot ignore the events and social shifts occuring within theborders of the U.S. That being said - we also can- not afford to let unrest steer us, as Canadians, off our course of cultural progress and economicgrowth.With that in mind, we’d like to introduceyou to our January edition, and the kick off of our year-long celebration of Canada’s 150th anniver- sary. What a great time to be Canadian! We are launching, in light of this milestone, a full year cel- ebratory cover series: Discovering Canada, which will highlight the country’s biggest economic con- tributors, non-pro t organizations, and in euntial people. We’re starting the series with a third and  nal examination of ArcelorMittal Canada on our cover. Enjoy!Wishing you, our dear readers, all the best in this New Year. Of course, we welcome your feedback and will consider contributions: email me at sara. Kopamees

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