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Probably the most important
contributor to BIT’s progress is the
company’s training and retention of
staff. “Hiring people [in Northern On-
tario] is much more challenging and
important that in our Toronto office or
elsewhere, because we need to be able
to retain a good staff here, and keep
our well-trained employees with our
company. Our average training budget
per year is $25,000 for each employee,
which represents a very significant in-
vestment for BIT,” Lostun says.
We have had employees ap-
proached by customers who want to
hire them—that is how highly skilled
our team is. Their IT knowledge is in
high demand—they have acquired a
huge knowledge base by working with
us,” he continues. “We invest a lot into
all the people we hire.”
The company continues to suc-
ceed with the belief that IT is not just
about technology, it is about the ser-
vice that goes along with technology
solutions and the ability to provide a
full-scale infrastructure for an organi-
zation. “IT is linked to everything you
do in business and life. The culture of
BIT is therefore services and solutions
oriented,” Lostun says.
Everything has to fit for the en-
vironment of an organization, and we
adopt different approaches to each
client and how IT works for them—
we expand the value of technology by
providing a solution. We don’t just go
in and do installations, rather, we get
to the bottom of what the organiza-
tion needs,” he explains. The company
prides itself on being able to help a
client understand how crucial IT is to
an organization, and then teaches that
organization to adopt solutions that
work. “And all of this, we can offer
within the most stringent budget envi-
ronment out there,” Lostun concludes.
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