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editor’s note“It’s been a dif cult three years for the indus- try and it’s certainly been felt in Calgary. But I’m kind of an optimist that we are through the worst of this.” This was a quote from former Suncor CEO Rick George in his last interview with BNN in May, before he sadly passed away in August. He was optimistic, as we all are right now (I hope) about the potential for greatness in Canada.When I learned about his death, I was sad- dened. George was a huge contributor to oil industry innovation in Canada and a great philanthropist. He was on a list I keep of who I would love to interview in my career, and unfortunately, I never got the chance to talk to him. He was a visionary and did so much for Canada. It is on that note that I of cially dedicate this issue of Canadian Industry to Rick George, and in- troduce you to our cover story: on Suncor’s 50 years in the oil sands.We welcome your feedback and will con- sider contributions: email me at sara.kopa- Kopamees

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