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editor’s noteAIN CASE YOU haven’t noticed, Cana- da’s business landscape has changed in the last 5 years.While we wait the inevitable shift back to success for our oil and gas sector, we are watching new businesses and up-and-comers take the stage to showcase their talents and entrepreneurialism on the Canadian stage. It’s times when big busi- ness is at a lull that we can really notice the “little guys”: companies trying to make it to the next level in all sectors, across all geographic boundar- ies.So let’s forget about what’s happening to the south of our great country for a moment, and lis- ten to the advice and wisdom of one of Canada’s great entrepreneurs: Arlene Dickinson. Over the past 10 years I’ve spoken with Dickinson on sever- al occasions to talk business, start-ups, and having it all. And this discussion does not disappoint.Please, I invite you to send us your thoughts on this month’s issue - and we’ll talk to you soon!Sara Kopamees Editor in Chief

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